Startups and Real Estate: How to Leverage Real Estate Consultants to Secure Affordable Leases and Flexible Terms

We explore how sartups can leverage CRE consultants to make well informed decisions about their workspace.

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Startups and Real Estate: How to Leverage Real Estate Consultants to Secure Affordable Leases and Flexible Terms

Startups can be very volatile businesses with periods of rapid growth and change. One of the most critical aspects of ensuring creating a healthy environment for growth for a startup is securing a space that fits with their current budget and needs, but can also allow for future expansion. This is where a commercial real estate (CRE) consultant comes in – they are a valuable resource for startups looking to secure affordable leases with flexible terms. In this blog we explore how these businesses can leverage CRE consultants to make well informed decisions about their workspace. 

How real estate consultants can benefit startups 

A real estate consultant will have expert knowledge of the market they’re working in that will be invaluable when looking for suitable locations and comparing rental rates. They will know which areas are most suitable for the business, considering factors such as public transport, proximity to talented workers and amenities to attract them. 

A consultant will work closely with a startup to understand their unique needs to ensure that the selected space is tailored to accommodate their specific requirement. This will include future growth planning considerations, as they will understand the startups need for scalability. They will look at things such as layout configurations, customization options and even negotiating expansion options within the lease agreement. All of this will allow the startup to grow without the hassle of relocating. 

Let’s not forget, startups often lack time and resources to fully commit to real estate research and navigate negotiations to secure the best space for their needs. The growth and operations of the business can often make other tasks impossible to complete for a time-constrained leadership team. A real estate consultant will handle all the market research, property search and more, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their growing business. 

Most importantly, real estate consultants are skilled negotiators who can secure leases on more favourable terms, such as flexible durations, lower rents and improvement allowances. This will be key for startups who need to control their operational costs. 

How to leverage most benefit from a real estate consultant

To begin, find a real estate consultant, sometimes called a tenant representative, with the necessary knowledge of, and experience in the market that you are looking for. Consider picking someone who understands your industry and has a track record of securing favourable deals for their clients. 

The next step will be to clearly outline your startup’s space requirements and consider future growth plans and budget constraints. A real estate consultant will use this to inform their search. When the needs are identified, they will be able to conduct market research to identify spaces that meet your criteria. They will also analyze market trends and rates to secure the best possible deal for you. 

After a shortlist of properties has been identified, your consultant will arrange property tours and accompany you on visits. They will help you assess each location, pointing out and letting you consider details in the building that might be a hindrance or a benefit to your workplace strategy. 

Once you’ve chosen a space that ticks all your businesses key needs, the commercial real estate consultant will negotiate the lease terms on your behalf. They’ll ensure that you secure the space on most favourable terms, including rent, lease duration and concessions. 

When the terms of the lease are mutually agreed upon the consultant will review the agreement. They will verify that all the terms are accurately reflected in the contract. 

Support the CRE consultants offer doesn’t stop at the signing of the lease! They will be able to offer ongoing support, such as lease renewals, expansions or modifications. 

To conclude, a commercial real estate consultant is a great asset in helping secure an affordable work space with flexible terms that will allow startups to grow. The guidance these professionals offer, including their wealth of market knowledge, negotiation expertise and personalized guidance, will position you for success in your search for the perfect work space.

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