Solved Escape Room – Hybrid Work

Exis' member Solved launched its mobile Escape Room – "Hybrid Work," where teams experience the pitfalls of hybrid work in real-life.

Solved Escape Room – Hybrid Work

The pandemic posed many challenges to the workspace and required organizations to manage new ways of working. As the world is beginning to emerge from the pandemic the hybrid working model is arising as a solution to meet the needs of the organization and it’s employees. However, many are struggling with creating an efficient hybrid work environment. This has motivated Exis’ member Solved, based in the Netherlands, to launch its mobile Escape Room – ‘Hybrid Work’. In the escape room teams experience the pitfalls of hybrid work in real-life – and the added value it can offer – as they participate in a short ‘pressure cooker’ session.

The Solved Escape Room was specially designed to offer organizations more insight into the main aspects of hybrid work. The ‘game’ involves short sessions (45 minutes) in which a team of no more than eight people must complete an assignment in a hybrid work environment. The session is followed by a short debriefing with a Solved consultant who talks them through all the different aspects and offers tips and advice the team can use straight away.

According to Silvia de Haan of Solved, using the mobile Solved Escape Room can significantly help organizations to successfully implement a hybrid work model. “Hybrid work can be organized in all kinds of ways but, in the end, it is the employees who need to make their own decisions: Which activities or tasks will I do where and when do I go to the office? How can I organize my remote work effectively and maintain my connection with the organization? And the most important question perhaps is: What are the new rules of conduct and how can I contribute to them in the best possible way?”

Innovative tool for workplace strategy

The Escape Room sessions are an effective tool for organizations to create a balance between maximum productivity and safe and organized work at the office, or remotely. The innovative tool creates a personalized experience for every participant, empowering them to become an ambassador of hybrid working for their organization. It ensures that employees who are dealing with the shift from remote to hybrid work will collaborate and use their time at the office efficiently.

The Solved Escape Room comes to the clients location and can accommodate up to 80 employees per day and give them a hybrid work experience. According to De Haan, one day is generally sufficient to provide the organization with well-substantiated advice.

Solved records how teams score on the different aspects of hybrid work – popularly known as the trinity of Bricks, Bites and Behavior – and reports on the results after all teams finished their games. It allows decision makers to see if their organization is ready for a hybrid work model and where they may encounter bottlenecks when people need to perform under time pressure.

De Haan emphasizes that the Escape Room sessions are above all great fun and challenging. As she says: “We like to see it as the ultimate form of team building – reaching the goal together through collaboration and inventiveness. We see the participants’ enthusiasm after they have finished the session and often receive the feedback that they have become great ambassadors of hybrid work within the organization.”

When can organizations use the Solved Escape Room?

The Solved Escape Room can be used at different moments or stages:

  • During the start of a relocation project.
  • To support and motivate the organization during the transformation to hybrid work.
  • To test the behavior of employees, the office environment, and ICT resources after the initial plans are made to ensure the organization is ready.
  • During the implementation itself by letting employees experience the impact of hybrid work.
  • A change in the workspace strategy, or relocation, are a great way to utilize the Solved.
  • Escape Room experience to engage teams and equip them with tools for efficient hybrid working.

Want to know more about Solved or the escape room? Visit their website.

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