Byrnam Wood

Location Profile

Byrnam Wood was established in 1992 to serve clients wherever their space may be located. Our founding principle was to devote all of our effort and expertise to occupier’s leasing needs, eliminating conflicts of interest in established brokerage models. Our clients need never worry that we may represent (or seek to represent) the opposing party to a deal, or another occupier seeking the same space.

We draw on our early experience as developers and our decades-long role as tenant advisors and negotiators, to represent clients aggressively, creatively, and collaboratively with each client – instead of as a traditional broker intermediary.

Tenant representation constitutes about 10% of gross revenues for large multinational real estate firms. Most of their revenues derive from landlord services, investment transactions, and other facilities / operational services. Moreover, virtually all large real estate firms are publicly owned, which superimposes additional stakeholders, objectives, and constraints on a role that should be clear, straightforward, and uncompromised.

We are a private firm owned by our principals. Byrnam Wood is immune from reporting and transactional cycles. We focus exclusively on the long-term interests of our clients, as they see them.

Our team includes veterans of several large brokerage firms, who found the “automated” approach of such firms ineffective, inflexible, and unfulfilling. They came to Byrnam Wood because of our reputation for passionate advocacy, and our supremely logical approach to serving clients.

Unlike other “boutique” brokerages, our approach has attracted some of the most recognizable occupiers as clients in a wide range of sectors, including Walmart, Nike, Wilmer Hale, Warburg Pincus, The New York Times Company, and many others. Based in New York City, we work globally on behalf of our clients, and frequently travel to wherever client interests are located.

In terms of peer recognition, Byrnam Wood has won seven “Most Ingenious Deal” awards (conferred by the Real Estate Board of New York), which underscores our outsized market presence.