Get to Know… Ellington Real Estate

Our Toronto-based partners, Ellington, talk to us about their company, their values and CRE in Toronto.

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Have real estate needs in Toronto or its surrounding areas? Consider the experts at Ellington Real Estate.

1. When was Ellington founded?

January 2011

2. Why did you join Exis, and how long have you been a member?

We joined Exis in 2016. We wanted to be a member of a high quality, service-oriented organization.

3. Are there specific areas of focus/expertise that Ellington practices (if so, please detail)?

Tenant Brokerage & Advisory, Disposition, Strategic Consulting; Location Consulting Services, Workplace Strategy, Portfolio Management, Facilities Support, Project Management

4. What is the current size of your team?

We are 13 people including full and part time staff made up of 4 partners, 3 agents, 2 facilities professionals, 2 support staff and 2 consultants.

5. Amount of square footage secured in 2018:

550,000 sf+

6. What are some of the credentials/characteristics/values you look for when hiring your team – to ensure you offer the highest quality service possible?

We look for team players with initiative and a strong sense of integrity.

7. What are Ellington’s core values as a company?

Integrity, Service, Transparency (openness), Innovation and Pure Tenant Advocacy

8. How would you describe the CRE atmosphere in Toronto?

Challenging. Toronto currently has the lowest vacancy rates in North America for both office and industrial leasing.

9. What is the most valuable advice you can give a client in today’s overall CRE atmosphere?

Start early and allocate the time and resources required to go through a thorough process.

10. What are some upcoming trends in the CRE industry that you feel will affect how companies do business?

Increasing supply, decreasing demand, and the high costs of construction.

11. Why is exclusively representing tenants important to you?

Being an advocate and consultant is important to us. You can’t represent both sides of the deal and fulfill those roles.

12. What is the most meaningful/valuable feedback you’ve received from a client?

“Transactional services are great but as a tenant, we need more end-to-end services.”

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