Tackling Sustainability Challenges with Urban Green Projects

The UN states that more than half of the global population will live in cities by the end of 2050. As urban centers become more populous their environmental…

Audit of Service Charges

There are many service charges that come with leasing a property, many of which are not explicitly explained to the tenant. Sometimes these charges are hidden, or wrongly included within other items in the tenant’s invoice. That’s where a tenant advisor comes in…

Cyber Risk in the CRE Industry

Technology has brought a number of improvements to the CRE industry. Among many other ben efits, technology has allowed companies in the industry to upgrade their data analytics software, lead management systems and offer a better service to their clients…

What 5 key lessons from 2023 should tenants apply in 2024?

Project Management

Project Manager and Construction Manager hold distinct responsibilities, each essential for ensuring the seamless execution of tenant representation projects.