Tenant representation

As a tenant, having the right representation is crucial. Explore our Tenant Representation blog category for insights and advice on navigating the market.

Exis Blog Post

Tenants can structure their lease to eliminate the landlord relocation clause.

Exis Blog Post

Tenants can prevent costly landlord-induced relocation costs with the right lease inclusions.

House [Office] of Cards Awaiting With Tenant Build-Out Projects

The COVID crisis develops tenant build-out project are either going on hiatus or getting cut back significantly, creating an avalanche of delays rippling down the chain.

How Your Landlord Will Approach a Rent Relief Negotiation During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing businesses to scramble and find ways to stay afloat until things return to “normal.” With limited ability to control their revenues, companies are turning their attention to the expense side of their ledger.

JLL’s Lost Case Over $800k Commission, Highlights that Conflict of Interest is Inherent in Dual Representation

JLL lost its case to recover $800k commission after failing to disclose that it represented both sides in a deal to lease an office building.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Tenant Representative

Here are our top 4 reasons you need a commercial real estate broker focused on tenant representation only.

Exis Partners, Austin Office Space and Cbiz Gibraltar, Collaborate to Offer Tenant Representation Services to Eos of North America

Austin Office Space, Inc. and CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services, LLC, collaborated to provide tenant representation to EOS of North America.

Conflict of Interest in Dual Representation – Lawsuit Filed Against CBRE Over a Private School Lease in Washington D.C.

The issue, claims that CBRE represented both parties and “wore too many hats in the same transaction”, as a result 601W Cos suffered.

The Tenant Agency Assist Burns Engineering with Office Relocation in Washington DC

Burns Engineering engaged the Tenant Agency to lead them through a strategic review of all options available to their Navy Yard office space.

How to maintain positive relationships between tenant and property manager

Tips on building and maintaining positive relationships between property managers and their tenants.

Startups and Real Estate: How to Leverage Real Estate Consultants to Secure Affordable Leases and Flexible Terms

We explore how sartups can leverage CRE consultants to make well informed decisions about their workspace.

Tenant Improvement Allowance

Tenant Improvement Allowances (TIA) can be a game-changer for businesses looking to create the perfect workspace.

Data Center

Factors that need to be considered when selecting a site for your data center


A comprehensive glossary of important commercial real estate terms and concepts.