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Strengthening our Services through Shared Best Practices & Market Insights

Partners, owners, and relevant staff from Exis’s 30 global partner firms participated to learn from each other best practices and market trends, discuss current and potential shared business, and strategize for Exis’s coming year and beyond

Exis Global Summit 2022

Exis Global Summit 2022

In October, we held our first in-person Global Summit in over two years as we welcomed representatives of partner firms from around the world.

Dynamic Office Spaces: combining spontaneity of public areas with the long-term requirements of workplaces

Are you ready to revolutionize your workplace environment? This article explores the concept of Dynamic Office Spaces, blending the spontaneity of public areas with the long-term requirements of workplaces.

The Power of Exis: International Commercial Real Estate Advisory

In the world of commercial real estate, finding the perfect space for your business while ensuring unbiased representation can be a challenging task. That’s where Exis comes in, empowering businesses to make informed real estate decisions on a global scale.