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Exis is a global partnership of real estate advisors founded by firms from around the world, joined together to form a partnership with a single-minded vision: to provide tenants and other end-users of real estate with a passionate advocate at the negotiating table, wherever their business operations take them.

All of our partners only represent tenants and end-users, meaning there are no conflicts of interest between landlords and brokers. They are market leaders in their territories, assisting clients both large and small – companies global and local – in finding the ideal space while advocating for the absolute best terms.

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Meet the men and women behind Exis who are setting the standard for global tenant representation.

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Exis Global partners deliver innovative commercial real estate solutions to leading companies on every continent.

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Exis provides a highly collaborative environment for tenant representation firms to learn from each other and service their clients in any region of the world.  From annual conferences to new business pursuits, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver conflict-free tenant representation services across the world.